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We don't create accounts or store passwords. Instead, we verify students by comparing student's emails to a list provided by Lincoln admin. Verification is to make sure students vote once per day, submissions are not tied to anything identifying.

Data Use

Words submitted are completely private and aren't tied to anything identifying like names or emails. The only metadata we store along with ratings is student grade levels and spirit houses.

To ensure students only vote once per day, it is logged which students have voted. However, that data isn't tied to submissions.

We also use Google Analytics to track usage statistics.


We use a highly advanced algorithm to detect and block inappropriate words submitted. We also have team members constantly monitoring the word cloud. However, if you notice something that shouldn't be there, whether it's NSFW, offensive, or bullying, email us at takedowns@rateyour.day and we'll take it down as soon as possible.


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abraham lincoln

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